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Gas Logs

See why so many High Country homeowners shop here for gas log convenience, warmth and efficiency.  We sell Peterson gas logs, & White Mountain gas logs and inserts.  we offer our services to those fokks living in Banner Elk, Boone, Blowing Rock, Newland, & Linville, North Carolina.

*Enjoy the convenience of a remote ready control valve for adjusting the flame.
*Rest easier knowing your gas logs and pilot system are guaranteed safe and effective.
*Expect trouble-free installation: Our own team provides quick and easy set-up installation in your home.
*Count on enjoying your gas log system for many years to come, thanks to long-lasting, rugged construction, solidly built with precision craftsmanship.
*Choose from our richly detailed and hand painted refractory logs with bark, split wood and sawed ends… to give your fireplace a genuine, down-home, honest-to-goodness real-life look and feel.

Vented or un-vented gas logs — which is right for your home? When shopping for gas logs, you’ll be asked to choose whether you want vented or vent-free logs. This decision comes down to several factors including looks vs. efficiency, local building codes and placement of the fireplace.  Here are som gas logs shopping tips.

Vented Gas Logs - Discover The High Country's stress-free path to creating the romance of a wood-burning fire without the backbreaking chore of chopping wood!  Let us help you decide which gas logs are best for you.

With vented logs, you’ll enjoy a large, realistic-looking flame that operates with an open chimney flue, or damper. These logs, which simulate a wood-burning fire, are more decorative than they are efficient as a heat source because much of the generated heat goes up the chimney.
Vent-free logs, which operate with the chimney flue closed, will not give you that roaring fire effect—the flame is not as realistic or as high as you’ll find with vented logs.

Vented Gas Logs: Positive Aspects

*Extremely realistic flame pattern that looks like a wood fire.

*Flame is much taller than vent-free logs

*Flame dances and wraps around logs like real wood.

*Does not require a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector Since the damper is open, most of the smell will go up the chimney

Vent-free gas logs are a convenient and clean way to enjoy a beautiful fire in your home, as well as provide substantial radiant heat with our highly efficient burner systems. Our gas log systems are engineered to create an incredible colorful and realistic flame pattern allowing a natural glowing ember bed to smolder brightly between logs.

Vent-free logs are a more efficient heat source because 100% of the heat generated stays in your home. You’ll often see vent-free logs referred to as “vent-free heaters” because that is essentially, what they are. They consist of U-shaped burners with cement logs stacked on top of the heating element. Most sets have a thermostatic control that helps maintain a consistent room temperature.

*Vent-free heaters add moisture to the air, so it’s important to install them in a room with proper ventilation to avoid formation of mildew.

*Vent-Free or Ventless Gas Logs: Positive Aspects

*Much better heat output than vented gas logs

*Less pollution

*Slightly less gas consumption


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